Wheelie Tow Lateral Bar replacement


Lateral Bar replacement for the Double Wheelie Tow system.

This is a Lateral Bar replacement for the Double WheelieTow system.

The easy way to move your bins from the house to its collection area.

Moving 2 wheelie bins across long distances, steep driveways and rugged roads has never been easier. With the WheelieTow's simple yet effective towing bracket you can now use any vehicle, whether car, tractor, quad bike - it just needs to have a towbar and the hard work is over.

The lightweight WheelieTow is a Patented Australian invention that is designed and manufactured in Australia to help with moving your wheelie bin up steep or long driveways.

The double WheelieTow kit is a system allowing you transport your rubbish bin two at a time holding the lid securely closed, it fits every size and style of wheelie bin.